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Travelling Man find:

Hello, I seem to have come across a lovely little find today. I was visiting Travelling Man in Leeds and found your comic, woohoo! :D


It was only my second trip to Leeds and loved finding the comic and spending some time reading it in a little cafe :D it has now come home to live with our other comics in Burnley.


It brightened a somewhat soggy day,

Thank you,



Dear Elizabeth,


By chance, or luck, or as a simple result of a rather complicated equation of the universe I've found your book or probably your book  found me.


Yesterday I came to Brighton to spend a few hours and stroll down the pier and city centre. While I was passing by a book store called 'Colin Page' I've started checking old books in front of the window. At one moment I've noticed an etiquette that has a hand-writen text:

"ooo hello!

Take me,


I'm free!!"


I've took the book, but entered the store to ask if it is appropriate to do so. The gentleman who worked there was intrigued with the book and very positive about taking it. I kind of rushed to a near by park, got myself a caffe-late and started to browse and read it.


It is funny, and like it very much. Without doubts I will forward it to my friends. To be quite honest the book is nice recollection of my trip to Brighton and also the south coast of England. This is my first visit to UK, I came here to do some research in Horsham and I am staying for one more week. Many nice things happened since I step foot on the Island, firstly hospitality of the people here, somehow very nice weather and one of the good thins is this book that was there for me :) .


Anyhow I wish you all the best, and keep on doing what you love to do.


Kind regards,



A drawing of appreciation from Rachel